Summer Scholars @ Chautauqua

Educational and cultural enrichment experiences for underserved & underrepresented college students at Chautauqua, regarded by many as the quintessential American summer community

Our Program

Selected college students come from across the country or the region to live together in Chautauqua for 4-7 days. They attend lectures, art exhibits, concerts, readings, classes, and more (see They will have opportunities to engage with speakers, authors, and artists, as well as new friends and mentors interested in helping them to expand their social capital. Our Scholars will, in turn, enrich the Chautauqua community with their diverse life experiences and perspectives.

Why Chautauqua

Chautauqua has one of the nation’s largest concentrations of "social capital" (as well as intellectual and cultural capital) in one small area. According to David McCullough, renowned historian and author, "There's no place like it. No resort. No spa. It is at once a summer encampment and a small town, a college campus, an arts colony, a music festival, a religious retreat, and the village square. There's no place─no place─with anything like its history."


In Their Own Words!

“... Incredible blessing ... difficult to encompass the profound impact ... have grown in respect for other faiths and learned from people I have met..." - Arielle

“...Religious diversity that is committed on the grounds" - Esteban

"My favorite aspect of Chautauqua is the atmosphere of discussions here...combination of civility and curiosity in the academic discussion...have not observed that cooperation in any other institution" - Keith

“...Wide selection of ideologies" - Che

“...Rich conversations, spanning our modern religious, political and social landscape ... The lectures have been stimulating ... unique personality of Chautauqua" - Frankie

“...Meeting new people and exploring new sites ..." - Donneshia

How Our Program Supports Our Mission

Our program provides an environment in which students can develop social capital by:

  1. Meeting and engaging with renowned speakers, authors, thinkers, performers, and other experts from a cross section of disciplines
  2. Building ongoing connections with Chautauquans
  3. Traveling for the first time outside their local regions
  4. Participating in a wide variety of activities and programs which encompass and integrate the arts, education, recreation, and religion
  5. Becoming part of a community which values their diverse life experiences and perspectives
  6. Living with other students from different parts of the country who have shared experiences

Program Dates

Our 2023 Sessions (7 days each) will take place during the last two weeks of July.