Threaded Conversations

Our organization, Community Compact, Inc. is seeking initial participation from students at the community college and state college level for an oral history project entitled THREADED CONVERSATIONS. This program began with the concept that an oral history project between college students, especially from underserved populations -at this crucial time in history would be a vehicle for students to compare the challenges they were experiencing as a result of COVID-19 with challenges other generations might have encountered. As we began thinking more about the project, we realized that this project would serve several other beneficial purposes for these students and others and its scope could well expand in other subjects- such as the racial issues now confronting our country. The purposes and scope of this will be discussed later below.

The model/format we choose to use is based in large part on the one developed by StoryCorps, Inc several years ago. StoryCorps has expanded its programming to reach both a wider demographic and to incorporate changing technology. We are using the StoryCorps framework as our base model, as it has proven itself to be flexible, open, and in alignment with our goals. As such, we want to contribute to StoryCorps when appropriate but know we also will vary our project when and where it makes sense, especially if participants feel their projects can be implemented better with deviations in the model. Thus, we believe that our project will stand on its own but in most cases be received by StoryCorps and acceptable for archival purposes. Please consult the attached graphic to see how we envision this working. If any part of your institution believes it could benefit from the program through the realization of one of the goals, please complete the form found below.