2021 Program

Applications Now Open

Community Compact, Inc. is pleased to release information about its summerscholars@Chautauqua 2021 program.

Details about the program and the application process are available below.

The main goals of the program are as follows:

  1. To provide exceptional college students (those with at least one year of college) who have had limited access to cultural and educational opportunities, with the chance to experience, at no cost, the rich cultural programs the Chautauqua Institute ( has to offer. Community Compact’s work is typically centered around under-served, rural, first generation students. We will be looking in particular for students with those demographic characteristics but will be give full consideration to all students who would not have the chance to attend Chautauqua otherwise and will benefit from the program.
  2. To increase the advancement of diversity in the Chautauqua Institute community.

Details of Program

We will have several students attend an all-expense-paid week at the Chautauqua Institute. Some of our expectations are:

  1. The selected students will come to Chautauqua to participate in cultural and educational activities from which they will benefit and from which they will grow.
  2. The selected students will interact with others in their cohort during parts of the week and, to a reasonable extent, interact with the residents and guests of Chautauqua.
  3. The selected students will have free time for individual reflection and relaxation at Chautauqua.
  4. The selected students will participate in a small “action” program to be completed following their experience in the program.

We also are hopeful that:

  1. The selected students will become future Chautauqua visitors and encourage friends and family to attend the Institution.
  2. The selected students will continue to stay in contact with each other.
  3. The selected students will help make the program stronger through their recommendations and participation in the program.

Dates of program:

Tentatively, the session is planned for the fourth week of the Chautauqua season which runs from July 15 - 24.

If you have an interest in attending this program, please contact and an application will be sent to you.