Gleaning Greatness” provides high achieving students from low income, predominantly rural, areas the opportunity to realize their full potential in life by helping them prepare and be successful at colleges with which they are well matched.

“Gleaning Greatness” promotes a holistic approach to surmounting the most common stumbling blocks [described by NPR here] for high school students and provides eligible students with the resources needed -- social, psychological, financial, and academic -- to successfully engage in the competitive college experience. Our process starts with students in 9th grade and provides support systems for these students during their high school years and beyond.



Increase awareness of opportunities and what they mean for lifetime achievement.

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Advise students and provide information about a wide range of colleges and how these colleges can make a difference in the long term.

Increase students' awareness of items required by colleges in terms of entrance requirements and financial aid. 

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Alert students about being proactive regarding financial aid and tests; use interventions based on behavioral science.

Increase awareness of the relationship between setting expectations and achieving success. 


Advise students and explain how meeting expectations is critical to success.

Increase students' awareness of availability of helpful resources outside the traditional school setting.

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Provide resources such as tutoring and mentoring so students can meet expectations

Communication among students on the issue of college access will increase.


Encourage students to discuss and share their experiences about college access opportunities and challenges.